Free From Sorrow


What you want from whatever you are doing from childhood to death?

Answer is happiness and only happiness. To live in peace and be happy, is it not?

Not only that, no work i.e. eating, talking, walking, reading, etc. are not possible unless you are in peace. Hence peace is inherent in you. Not that objective of life is to get peace. In actual life, happiness comes and vanishes quickly and sorrow prevails. So what is to be done to have a stress-free peaceful life? Let us find an authentic solution as found by one of our engineer after years of search and real practice.


How to achieve stress-free, sorrow-free & peaceful life?

Stress and Tension is fear to achieve a target for which an activity is taken up. Stress and tension is born out of fear of not achieving a target for which an activity is taken up. Tackling the fear of failure means avoidance of sorrow, because failure and its fear gives sorrow. Hence all the problems of the life will be solved if sorrow is eradicated. Lord Buddha in sixth century B.C. gave eight sutras like right paradigm, right remembrance, right action, right living, right expression, right commitment, right effort and Samyak Samadhi. To understand and apply these s utras is very difficult and very little use now a days. Understanding and applying effective solution given here-in is sure to achieve desired results as it is simple, easy to understand and easy to integrate into one’s life.

We will urge you to give full attention and sincerely apply this easy method in daily life.


Below are listed just few examples from the myriad life situations that generates sorrow for us.

Family relationships

Relationship trouble between husband & wife and between various family members. Expectations, difference of opinion and lack of understanding leading to stress.

Death in Family

Passing away of loved one.

Business Failure

Failure in any activity taken, sometimes in-spite of right efforts.

Fear of Examination

Students not achieving results as per their expectations.

Interpersonal relationships

Workplace relationship stress between employee and boss, among co-workers.

Ill health

Chronic health conditions.

Lack of basic life amenities

Not having access to ample food and shelter.


Whatever we are doing, we are doing it for our own happiness, but most of the time we are experiencing sorrow. Happiness is momentary. It comes and goes. Sorrow being experienced by all rich, poor and powerful; it seems it’s not possible to free from it.

We solve all our problems only by proper scientific knowledge (Gyana). Hence it is certainly possible if one applies appropriate knowledge (gyana).

Then we must know

What is Sorrow

Sorrow is different from pain. Our body is a wonderful machine having its own security system. Any imbalance that happens in the body which needs attention, we get pain so that we take care and get treated. Pain belongs to the body while sorrow is caused by mind and intelligence. Negative agitation of mind is sorrow while positive agitation is happiness. Intense sorrow leads to depression and suicide. Mind and intelligence are responsible for everything of a human being. So in this context we must know what are mind & intelligence.

Volumes and volumes have been written about the mind, but in short, Mind is flow of thoughts as accumulated by the five senses and it is a subtle invisible material thing. Unorganized mind is like a monkey while organized mind is like a KaplaVrikhya (wish fulfilling tree). Mind is formed after a few months of birth and is influenced as per the situation one takes birth. It is highly changeable and plastic.

Intelligence is also subtle and shows you fault of others, creates inner restlessness, defends and rationalizes your own mistakes, creates arguments, keeps you engaged in worldly life, maintains you in duality of good and bad, profit and loss, etc. Be very careful that it also prevents you to take right step to be free from sorrow.

What Causes Sorrow

Our sorrow and happiness depends on desire fulfillment. Whatever you wish for, if it happens then you are happy or else you are sad. Hence, desire is the main cause of sorrow. But desire should be clearly understood. Life is not possible without desire. Desire is godly if it is for the well-being of all and not just an endless weave of self fulfilling stories.

Desire is from mind and intelligence. Usual belief is that cause of happiness is money and power. Actually, no amount of money and power can eradicate sorrow. As you know Ambani brothers are richest persons in India, but still are fighting court cases over property. Similarly a chief minister is having immense power over the state. You might know recently, chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh in India, committed suicide.

How to eradicate Sorrow

As mind and intelligence are causes of sorrow, thenwhat is the medicine to the mind?

Medicine to the mind is knowledge (Gyana) and understanding.

Hence only by knowledge, we can be free from sorrow. Knowledge and understanding are two different things. One can have knowledge without understanding, like one can know what is earthquake without understanding how it happens. You are teaching your little ones addition ‘2 + 2’ and say it is ‘4’. Your little one questions why it is not ‘6’. You explain with your four fingers. Now all their doubts are cleared. Hence,‘Understanding‘ means, things are clear and no doubts remain.


This knowledge of life and its workings can be simplified to these five truths.

  • Knowledge of Self. Who are you?
  • Understanding that World is governed by scientific circumstantial evidences (vyavasthita shakti)
  • Understanding the Law of Karma
  • Understanding and settling all files with equanimity
  • Accumulate credit in the account of pure soul

Who are you?

When one is asked who are you to a person, one replies that “I am Professor Dr. Pranav Mishra”. Here “Pranav” is a name given by his parents to identify him as an individual. “Doctor” is a qualification which indicates that he done a Phd. in a subject, while “Professor” indicates that he is in a teaching profession. “Mishra” indicates his family lineage. Then who is he?

Also if somebody is asked pointing one’s head ‘what is this?’, one replies ‘this is my head’. He says ‘My Head’, that means he is not ‘head’; then who is he?

When a child is born in hospital, one is given a tag immediately identifying male or female child along with mother’s name. After sometime the parents give a name, according to which family one is born in, that is Hindu, Muslim or Christian i.e. Pranav, Ahmed or John. So when a child takes birth, he/she is not born as a hindu or muslim or christian. Then who is he/she?

The body is made of 5 great elements air, water, fire, water and space (ether). So is mind. You might have seen some of your dear ones dying in your presence. Some people even die while working on the chair. The body parts are intact but no movement and one is declared dead. What happens then? Some energy has gone out from the body, after some time the body rots and smells.

This energy is called Atman, Consciousness, Self, Rooh, Soul and Spirit.

In this universe there are only two types of energy: Material energy and Spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is responsible for movement & growth, which indicates Life. Besides this energy whatever you see is Material energy. Life exists on this earth starting from bacteria, algae, amoeba, marine life to plants & trees to mammals & birds to Human beings, because all posses this spiritual energy. Hence this universe is just a play of energy (material and spiritual) i.e. cosmic (total) energy.


As clarification is given about energy, it will be appropriate to discuss about God. This total energy or cosmic energy we may call God, Allah, Ishwar or the Supreme.

God which is invisible, all pervading, all powerful, indestructible and unthinkable, is possible in only energy form. Just like radio waves and microwaves are present everywhere, similarly this cosmic energy pervades through everywhere in this universe. As anything in this universe is insentient material energy or sentient life energy, which is all part of cosmic energy. So everything is God.

To further clarify who you are, let us take an example. Electrical energy is present in different forms (body) like bulbs, heater, refrigerator, etc., which gives different effects like light, heating & cooling, etc. Similarly, spiritual energy is present in different life forms like plants, animals, male, female & children and they act differently. When electrical energy is taken away from appliances like bulbs etc., their functioning stops. Similarly from life forms when spiritual energy leaves, it is declared dead. This clarifies that all life forms are part of God.


Original quality of soul is Peaceful, Powerful, Truth, Loving & full of Knowledge. Hence every human being always wants truth, peace & love – Sat-Chit-Ananda, by which God is also defined. This proves why, when a lie or untruth is told even against a habitual lair, one is furious. Everyone wants peace, even if they themselves act violently. All human beings want knowledge for all activities. Similarly, everyone wants to live in happiness. This proves evidently that you are part of God.


Spiritual energy in the body is called as Atman/Soul. Atman identified with body & mind is called Ego. When you say I and mine, it is the Ego; Atman identified with the material body. Actually you are pure energy resting in the body. Due course of time, you are mistaken body and mind as you. Hence ego is born. Ego is responsible for all the activities, sorrow and happiness. Ego is the doer, sufferer and enjoyer.


This knowledge of “who are you” is a very important understanding, which will solve all your problems in life and you will lead a peaceful life. With this knowledge you treat every plant, animal and human as pure Atman and part of God as you are. Practice treating your family members, parents, spouse, children, friends and neighbor as pure Atman as you are. Do not hurt anyone, mentally or physically. By practicing this knowledge all your accumulated negative energy will vanish. Treating all in equanimity will make you blissful and your family will be like heaven to live with.

Death means spiritual energy leaving one body for another. Actually there is no death to you i.e. Soul or Atman. Hence you or your loved ones death will not give you any fear and sorrow.

What is this world

If you observe this world phenomena, everything is happening as per a scientifically logical law, like day & night for rotation of earth on its own orbit, like changing seasons for movement of earth on its orbit around the Sun. You plant a mango tree, it will not give a mango the next day. The tree grows with help of earth, air & water. It needs protection. It takes its own time to grow, flowers in time and then raw fruit comes out. Fruit grows & ripens in proper time, in a favorable weather condition. The pulp is eaten and the seed is now ready for another tree. Hence things happen in right time and circumstances with support from various quarters.


You are not capable of doing anything on your own, which you say proudly, “I did this or that…”.

Let us take example of a tea making. You invited your friend for a cup of tea. And you are proud that your wife makes a very good cup of tea. For making tea, first water is required. How water comes to your house? It is lifted from underground or river, treated and supplied to you through pipelines. How much technology and people are involved? Similarly, fire, gas, electricity, sugar, milk, tea leaves, preparation kettle, serving pot, etc. are required which are prepared by huge factories involving thousands of people and agencies and finally reaches your house. You add ingredients with proper quantities and in time with good knowledge of tea making, then you say, “I made good tea”. If it is overheated because of being unmindful, then what happened to the taste of the tea? Will you claim that you made the tea? You may say that your child cried, hence couldn’t give attention or give some other reason. Hence circumstances are also responsible too. Many times things do not happen as per your plan.

After making all efforts, whatever is the end result is as per the scientific circumstantial evidences (vyavastitha shakti).

With this knowledge, your doer-ship claim vanishes. When you understand that you are not responsible for your failure in-spite of your best efforts, your sorrow disappears.


Before going to the law of Karma, the question comes is there any life after death. The question circles around if there are past lives, why we don’t remember any of them.

Swami Vivekananda, the Indian scholar who gave the speech at the Parliament of World’s Religions in 1893 in Chicago, denotes of our inability to recollect past lives to being thoroughly immersed in present experience creating a localized subconscious mapping. He likens that to while speaking a particular language, no words of other language comes to the subconscious, but as one tries to recollect another language, the words come rushing in.

You might have come across in media that a young person remembering their last parents, their last place of birth, etc. Recently on 25th October, it was shown on TV news that twin brothers from Bagiyanath village of Sahajanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India, recognized parents and home of their last birth. On internet you can find many such cases. Art of Living in their ‘eternal process’, takes people through a six part lives vision.

Times of India, on 8th Oct. 2014 confirmed that 2060 patients in 15 hospitals in US, UK and Austria were taken for OBE (Out of Body Experience) and NDE (Near Death Experience), out of 2060 patients, 330 survived after declared death with OBE and 140 with NDE. This shows that there is some continuation beyond the body.

Consider a desktop of a computer. The computer is actually only dealing with binary language and making all of its calculations in a language of millions of 0s and 1s. But for simplifying the access for the user, it converts it into a graphical form comprising of characters and images. The user doesn’t comprehend the complexity lying behind. Similarly, Nature is cycling both ‘genetic’ data biologically and ‘karmik’ data spiritually. It then selectively allows the individual to access only relevant information required for the outer world survival to the subconscious. That doesn’t mean that we are only what the present subconscious can comprehend of. These citations and several others cases point towards the continuous circle of life.

Law of Karma(Action)

Understanding the law of Action (karma), is very important to be free from sorrow. Before understanding law of action, we must know what action is. Action is performed in three steps:

  • Thought – Before doing any action, first the thought arises. E.g. going to buy vegetables from the market. First thought arises that one should go and bring vegetables. Then, what to bring? What is required?
  • Speech – One talks with family members. E.g. Then one discuses with what to get or not.
  • Actual Visible Action – Then the action is carried out. E.g. Then he visits the market and buys whatever is planned.

Thinking is a vital part of action, as it is the intention to act. Thought about act, even if you do not speak and actually act, is ‘binding karma’ and cause of ‘karma effect’.

For example, a wealthy businessman donates fifty thousand rupees to a charity. His friend asks him, why he did so and the businessman tells so that he wouldn’t have donated a single rupee had it not been for the pressure from the mayor. Now what will be the fate of the act? The donation he made is a visible act, the reward for which he will get in this life when people praise him for the generosity. The consequence of intention (bhava) karma, “I wouldn’t have given a single rupee”, he will experience in his next life such a financial condition so that he will not be able give a single rupee. This is the subtle karma, which is the cause for his next life’s circumstances. The donation made in this life was an effect of his good work in the previous life. One cannot understand something so subtle without knowledge (Gyana). On the other hand when a poor man is asked to donate for a charity and his response is that he has only five rupees which he can give. He further earnestly feels that he would have donated five lakh rupees without any hesitation, if he had that kind of money. His donation of five rupees is the discharge of the karma created in his past life. But what does his present action yield in next life? He will be brought to such situation so that he is able to donate Five lakh rupees with ease as his effect of this Karma comes to fruition.

There is a cause to everything happening to us. Happening is the effect of last life’s karma. Cause-Effect is very scientific. As per science, to every cause there is an effect. Actually what is happening to us, from birth to death is the effect of karma we have done in our last lives. This is called ‘prarabdha’ or accumulated karma and is discharged during this lifetime. Any new karma, we do in this will have effect in next life. We take birth in this physical body only to discharge karma, done in last life and desire at time of death.


  • Good karma (Punya) – Not hurting any Soul/Atman even in thought is considered as Punya, for which one will be rewarded in next life.
  • Bad karma (Papa) – Hurting anybody even in thought will be Papa, for which one has to suffer in the next life.

Effect to good karma is happiness and effect to bad karma is sorrow. Good karma and bad karma don’t cancel each other. Each individual karma has to ripen to its respective fruition. In this life we have to discharge the balance of karma done in so many lives. Law of karma is very subtle and difficult to understand, hence we must be careful. What time the karma effect will happen to you is also beyond our understanding. Even if to think and not speak and actually act, hurting, any atman is bad (papa) karma, for which the effect will result in suffering in next life.


Sorrow or Happiness is of your own making. You are getting it because of your cause karma, only as an effect.

Everything happening to you is Justice as law of Karma is acting. When bad things are happening, remember this fact and do not react with negativity. Accept everything gracefully and remain calm. Thank God for the discharge of your bad karma and when all your karma good or bad is discharged, you will get free (mukti).

Settle the files

Each ‘File’ is an Atman/Soul related, known or yet to be known with you in this life. Father, mother, husband, wife, children are very sticky files. They are to be dealt very carefully. Anything good or bad you have done to any Atman, will come in contact with you in this life either to give you happiness or sorrow to settle account of last life. Hence any Atman giving you sorrow, allow the Atman to settle the account calmly. Be calm and beg apology so that your previous bad karma is discharged. Do not react and hurt the Atman, and consider him/her just as an instrument and do not create any further bad karma.

Bringing up children in a family specially for 1st time mother is always difficult task because she does not know who is the child and why he/she is born to her. The child is a soul and born to you either give you happiness or sorrow as per your relationship i.s. how much love and care you have give or trouble and pain given to him/her in past births. Hence you treat them as pure soul part of God Do not think you own them and control them as boss. If they are violent and main cause of your sorrow be sure that you had treated very badly in the past life and they are here to settle the account. Hence treat them with utmost humility and beg pardon to the GOD for your bad karma.

Do not think a son is an investment to take care of you in old age or a daughter as cause of reducing your wealth and happiness. Each soul, is here to exhaust his /her past karma and you are not responsible for their prosperity or suffering.

Hence become their friend and do what best you can, to live peacefully.

Accumulate credit for pure soul

If you understand the above four facts, that means you have gained the true knowledge and will act sincerely in your life situations with the true knowledge. Then the fifth step will happen on its own. You will create good account for you pure soul.


What you want is happiness and peace in life, remaining with your family and friends at the present national and global peaceful atmosphere, and pursuing whatever profession you are engaged in.

This is only possible in-case you apply the knowledge of these five truths sincerely in your family first and live with wisdom.

Right now you are working all your life for your survival only. That is how to earn a living and have a comfortable life. Even after achieving it people compare with others. Without understanding the workings of life, the shallow comparison with others invites sorrow.

You forget that you are mortal and you will die sooner or later, leaving everything here.

All living beings starting from ants and animals survive in this world easily. For human it must be very easy.

The sooner from a young age if one acquires this knowledge of the five truths and one applies, the more successful and peaceful one becomes.

Try to live applying this knowledge for a week only and experience what happens, as a trial case.

This author and his friends are behind you to guide you in case you face any difficulties in application of this knowledge in actual life.


You have to do practically nothing special, not have to spend any money or extra time, take courses on ‘how to be free from stress’, visit ashrams of famous gurus, meditate and do yoga rigorously etc. If you apply this gyana, you will always be in a meditative state in whatever you are doing like studying, working as professional, doing business, etc. However you have to practice the following as applying some of these gyanas is very difficult in the beginning, because you are habituated to act differently in this and many past lives.

  1. Take care of your health by doing yogic exercises and pranayam, as taught by many yoga gurus, for at-least 10 to 15 mins. Take proper nutritious food as required by the body. Taking care of the body to stay healthy is the most important thing to do.
  2. After getting up from bed and before going to sleep, say in a voice just audible to you, for one minute, “I am a pure soul”. During the day, when you have free time, do the same as many times possible, while interacting with others, beware that they are pure souls.
  3. Do not even think of any such thing that can hurt any soul. If any such thought comes to the mind, stop the thought and beg apology to God. Do not repeat the mistake. It will be difficult in the beginning but be assured that after some time it will become natural. Practice this first with your family i.e. parents, spouse and children.
  4. Beware of your likes and dislikes. They force you to do good and bad karma. Like means Attachment (Raaga), while dislike means abhorrence (Dwesha). Just watch whatever is happening calmly. All fault is yours. Justice is happening to you all the time, as you are discharging karma of your past lives. Let the effect of karma take place. Do not create new cause karma. Be a bitaragi (beyond likes & dislikes).
  5. Beware of your ego. Any karma done with the understanding that you are not the doer but the instrument. Things are happening as per scientific circumstantial evidence (Vyaavstitha Shakti), the karma will not be binding and no-cause karma will be done.
  6. Get rid of anger and ego which effect peace and relationship in any sphere of life. It is also cause of ill health like blood pressure ,heart attack ,insomnia, back aches, digestive disorders .Ego is a weakness and instead of helping you to get respect loose respect. Anger do not help work done and efficiency as some people believe. Also instead of anger helping you get love and co-operation from people ,it makes you lose it.

    It is a challenge to interact with people without being angry. Anger and ego are acquired sanskar but peace and love are every one’s original sanskar.

    When it comes to overcoming anger and ego,1st step to look inwords and be aware that you are a peaceful soul. Influencing people is always easier that can take place with peace and love not trying to control them with anger.

    Expecting or desiring a certain type of behavior from someone else, certain type of situation of your liking, is the root cause of all forms of anger. Avoid it.

  7. Do not copy other people

    If some is not nice to us, we feel an impulse to strike back, tit for tat. Thus, we copy others wrong behaviors and give up our inherent goodness. When people are rude and disrespectful, we have three options

    1. Reflect their behavior and deplete our virtues
    2. To absorb their behavior and go to pain.
    3. To transform their energy radiating our inherent goodness. We have power to be nice to everyone and not copy others behavior. Using my qualities consistently keeps me happy, contented and successful and earn blessings from others.
  8. Being happy is the only way to give happiness

    The greatest gift we want to give is happiness. In spite of providing physical comfort to our family and friends, they are unhappy at times. It is because we are unhappy. Being happy our self while discharging our responsibility, our happy vibration radiates and triggers the happy frequency in our loved ones and uplift their state of mind to happiness. We have seen that despite extra effort to care, our family and friends are not happy with us. The truth is how much we do for people it does not matter. It matters how much happy we are while doing everything. It is your energy which influences others happiness. When you experience unconditional happiness, you have nothing but happiness to give others. In every sense contribute to-words creating a happy family, happy work place and happy world by being happy always.

  9. Do not resist change which is the main cause of stress.
  10. Be stable in criticism.

    Regardless of the form it takes and the intentions behind it, criticism can be difficult to accept. But if we learn how to deal with it, we can certainly benefit from the feedback. A large part of criticism directed towards us is not in our control, but how we respond to it is always our choice. No matter who you are or what you do, does someone always judge you? Even if things seem to be going well, do you find people criticizing your ideas, behaviors, talents, efforts or results? Like it or not, criticism is unavoidable so it helps to take it in our stride. We need to be stable in the face of criticism. It usually comes with an energy of anger, insult, disrespect or rejection. So, more than the feedback itself, the accompanying vibrations hit us hard. Yet, we have the choice to only accept the feedback and be untouched by the negative vibrations accompanying it. People’s criticism is more about them than about us. It mirrors their weak state of mind – their hurt, their worries, their insecurities and their personalities. Basically, they are in pain and are relaying it to us. Our role is to understand, empathize and not radiate negative energy back to them. You have the power to make things better or worse when criticized. Be courteous to them, validate their words and improve yourself if needed. Otherwise release that scene from your mind. Remain stable in criticism, just as you remain stable in appreciation. Know yourself well and do not get disturbed when someone criticizes you.

    Sometimes when sharing their feedback, people are rude, they criticize you. Pause and think through the criticism, check if it is valid. If yes, thank them and improve yourself. If not, let go, do not create any thoughts about what they say. Remain stable and don’t react or argue or defend. Just state your views assertively. Understand they might be disturbed, jealous or insecure. Understand they are different, they are only expressing their opinion, which is based on their personality. Know your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Do not take criticism personally. Remain detached as you see their nature.

  11. Accept change

    The inability to adapt to change is the most common reason for the life stresses that all of us are faced with. There used to be a time when change was not so sudden as it is now. The modern lifestyles have made change so sudden that we have reached a point where change resistance has almost become like a syndrome or illness.

  12. Be clear what are virtues and vices.

    Peace, power, Purity, Love, Bliss and Knowledge are Virtues which are your original qualities and qualities of Spiritual energy the SOUL .

    Always be virtuous
    Vices are
    1. Ego
    2. Greed --acquiring material goods, more and more and more money and power.
    3. Attachment---feeling of possessiveness.
    4. Lust---using excessive satisfaction through the senses as a means of fulfilment.
    5. Anger----Fleeing of hatred and revenge
    6. Laziness---Becoming inactive on a spiritual, physical or mental level.
    Avoid vises

Practice the above knowledge sincerely for a month or two and probability of your leading a stress-free and peaceful life is very high. You will be a true Gyani, enlightened and self-realized person. Free from sorrow is the first stage of mukti.

In-case you can become bitaragi (beyond likes & dislikes) and act considering you and others as pure soul, part of god, karma will not bind you and you will be free from repetition of birth and death. This is second stage of mukti and is called liberation.

Please refer this guide to a sorrow-free and stress-free life to everyone you know and request them to refer to everyone they know.