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Welcome to Onestop Solution to Peace...

Welcome to your one stop solution towards sustainable stress-free life. Yes, easy to comprehend and easy to integrate actions into your life to yield the results of a happy, full-filling and peaceful life that you always wish for.

National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela, has been one of the pioneer institutes of India in imparting high quality technical education to produce high quality engineers, who have been contributing to various fields of nation building. Now, for becoming high quality human beings, we are introducing value education that aims at replacing stress in life with happiness. With the rise of globalization and consumerism culture, most of the people in this earth are suffering from stress. The spirituality has lost its role in contemporary life. No doubt, everybody wants peace in their life. But the mechanism to get peace is really a huge question.

After going through an enormous volume of literary works, biographies and autobiographies of eminent personalities, a step is being taken by the NITR to develop a scientific strategy to adopt the peace in life. This rational and concise approach is unique and the knowledge in this format is not available anywhere in the world i.e. scientific knowledge on how to live happily, peacefully and stress-free in whatever profession and in whatever social strata one is. We will be also sharing this knowledge with all educational institutes and general public not only in India but the whole world.

The Knowledge covers all 5 aspects of life:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Relations (friends & family)
  • Money
  • God

With this true scientific reasoning, one can live with wisdom, without subscribing to blind beliefs and unscientific religious practices and not falling prey to the so called Gurus and fake Babas.

Youth, Students in Colleges & Universities and Professionals can benefit the most out of this knowledge.

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